Discovering Your Child’s Talents

Repost from Facebook: March 12, 2013

A couple of years ago our developmental pediatrician emphasized the importance of helping Maya’s discover her unique gift/s. He said so much time can be spent focusing on what isn’t working with kids who have CP (and other challenges), that it’s important that they can connect with a part of themselves and the world that fulfills them.

For Maya, I have discovered that she has a very discerning musical ear. She loves music and has the ability to detect subtle changes in rhythm, instruments, and sound quality (perhaps a chip off of her Uncle Tyler). Today we were in the car and my XM radio wasn’t working. I told her we would turn on the radio instead. Despite hearing some of her favorite songs she asked me to turn it off because the music sounded horrible on the regular radio. She said if the problem continued she was afraid I would have to buy a new car! LOL. She went onto say that she wished her ears didn’t work as well so that it didn’t bother her.

I stopped her and said, “Maya, you have a great gift and you have no idea how you may want to use it later. Your gifted ears may bother you at times, but they also bring you tremendous joy. Always remember that!”

What are your child’s gifts? If you don’t know perhaps give it some time and feel confident that together you will discover them. Despite the challenges that our children and other people with disabilities may face, there are also talents that may be hidden beneath the surface.