The Cerebral Palsy Research Network does not pay “overhead,” “indirects,” or “finance and administration” costs associated with grants or contracts. Fringe benefits will be considered based on the circumstances of the grantee / contract recipient and other entity finances. Salary re-imbursed is capped at the calendar year’s policy for NIH Salary Cap.

The Cerebral Palsy Research Network Research CP grant program funds research that is prioritized by the Research CP and Research CP: Dystonia Edition patient-centered research agendas that were created in 2017 and 2020 respectively.  The CP Research Network raised funds for the inaugural Research CP grant in 2019 and funded Dr. Kristen Allison’s study entitled “Speech and Language Predictors of Participation in Children with Cerebral Palsy.”  That study will be concluded in 2021.  Preliminary results can be seen in our MyCP Webinar by Dr. Allison.  Currently there are no open Requests for Applications and none are planned at this time.   Funds raised by the CP Research Network for research are used to execute our internal research efforts which are all focused on priorities detailed in Research CP.  To be informed of future grant opportunities, sign up for our alerts.