We Lost Our First Tooth!

We lost our first tooth! Yay!! We didn’t even realize she had any teeth that were loose but when we finally made our trip to the dentist after so long (I am too embarrassed to say how long), we could see it was ready to fall out. So why did I wait so long to take Maya back to the dentist? Well, to tell you the truth beyond the packed schedule that she has, I dreaded taking her to a place that causes her so much anxiety. From the moving chair, to the noise that the forced air makes, and the list goes on. We finally returned and the night before we discussed her concerns. Among other issues, she told me she didn’t want to be in the room with the cow on the wall because it scares her.

When we arrived I let the receptionist know that Miss Maya was afraid of the cow room and to please make sure she is placed in another room for her dental exam (as if we were checking into a hotel!) They couldn’t believe after so much time had passed that Maya would remember the cow on the wall. I didn’t remember! Anyway, she did great this time!! She took deep breaths, laughed, and she took tremendous responsibility for her concerns and well-being. She told the dentist to be careful with her tools because she has a sensitive gag reflex (which she demonstrated), and when the hygienist asked me a question she attempted to answer it.

I can’t always take Maya’s fears away or make her nervous system less sensitive, but I can help validate her concerns and let her know that it is perfectly acceptable and important for her to express them. The staff at the office was wonderful and took the time to explain and demonstrate what they were going to do before they did it. It makes all of the difference in the world to have a doctor and staff with a patient and gentle disposition.

In this picture you can’t see where her tooth fell out (it’s on the bottom) but by the time I got her to demonstrate it for the camera she was beyond irritated with me.

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