To optimize the lifelong health and wellness of people with cerebral palsy and their families through high quality research, education and community programming.


By engaging community stakeholders and a vast number of health systems in a learning health network for cerebral palsy (CP), we will collectively focus the research and care of people with CP on the health issues that are most pressing to their participation and quality of life.  We will gather and share lived experiences of community members and measure aspects of the healthcare process to continuously improve their health and wellbeing in ways that matter to them.

Why are we unique?

The CP Research Network is the largest and most comprehensive network of hospitals and community members working together to improve health outcomes for people with CP. We host both community and clinical registries to gather robust and comprehensive data for research. We focus our research and consumer educational content on the health and wellness outcomes that people with cerebral palsy value most. We include the entire community in the research process, the development of education materials and the implementation of current clinical care pathways.


Our Work

Community – CP Research Network is a community-powered organization. Our community includes individuals with CP, their family members, caregivers, clinicians and researchers. CPRN brings together these diverse voices to create consensus in moving forward new CP research and quality improvement in CP healthcare.

Research – We research the questions that matter most to develop evidence-based practices that improve lives (or to develop evidence to guide decision making, treatments and programs for the best health outcomes). Our research programming is developed in partnership with our engaged community and clinicians, researchers and representatives from national agencies/academies such as the National Institutes of Health and American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine.

Education – We develop educational resources for the entire CP community to inform healthcare decisions. This includes individuals with CP, their families, clinicians, researchers, and advocates. These resources are intended to assist the patient community in understanding the most up-to-date information about CP and pertinent health and wellness information.

Health & Wellbeing – We focus on improving the health and wellbeing outcomes that matter to you by improving healthcare and enabling greater opportunities for physical activity and participation.