The Cerebral Palsy Research Network seeks to be transparent in its operations for including members, forming committees, approving research concepts, accessing data, publishing manuscripts and partnering with industry. Toward that end, our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are living documents that we maintain internally to the network while under revision and publish on our website upon completion. At any point, one SOP or another may be out of date so please do not hesitate to inquire at if you have questions. Our most recently updated SOP is our Research Concept SOP as it is the most sought after procedure to collaborate and operate in the network. Our SOP Committee is actively updating other SOPs and welcome input from our investigators and the field at large.

Please feel free to download and review any or all of our SOPs to gain deeper understanding of our network function. For starters though, we often recommend that clinician researchers start by reviewing our Join the CP Research Network page.

All SOPs combined

Download All SOPs as a ZIP file (out of date)

Individual SOP files