Open shower with seat for bathing with cerebral palsy, wall mounted soap dispensers and colored shower curtain.
Bathing when you have cerebral palsy often requires supportive equipment. You want to ensure that the equipment you consider has appropriate safety features for the person using it and for the caregiver.  Your medical team can help guide you so that you find a solution that works for your space, the person with cerebral palsy, and the caregiver.

When looking at bathing devices it is helpful to measure the bathroom doorway and shower area to ensure it will fit with your existing bathroom design. United Disability Services (UDS) has a checklist with additional tips on modifying your bathroom and home for accessibility that may help through any remodeling process.

Below are a few of the many choices available for people of different ages and with a diversity of support needs.

Walk-in tubs and Roll-in showers:

  • Walk-in Tub
    • Available at many locations.
    • Installation and removal sometimes included.
    • Built-in seat with non-slip floor provide extra safety.
    • Best for those with more modest support needs individuals who can transfer themselves.
  •   Roll-in ShowerOpen shower with seat for bathing with cerebral palsy, wall mounted soap dispensers and colored shower curtain.
    • Individual can bathe in a shower chair or bathing seat.
    • No lifting over the edge of a bathtub needed.
    • Remodeling of bathroom should be done by a licensed contractor.
    • An option for all types of cerebral palsy.

Making Bathing Easier When Remodeling isn’t an Option

  • Rifton HTS toileting system
    • Used as a toileting system and for bathing with optional add-ons.
    • Adjusted positioning for each persons needs.
    • Portability options.
  • Showerbuddy
    • Different options.
    • Different accessories to meet specific needs.
    • Bath and shower options.
  • Side-to-Side Transfer Systems
    • Battery operated.
    • Many options/brands available for purchase
    • Some can be transported
    • Products vary in the support products they offer (ie chest and head support)
  • TubBuddy
    • Compatible with most bathtubs
    • Waterproof
    • Can be used for toileting
    • Helpful for avoiding bathroom modifications

Other Choices to Help with Bathing

  • Safety mats for the shower/bathtub floor.
  • No-slip mat for outside of the shower/bathtub.
  • Handrails or safety bars.

Some of these options may be covered by your insurance provider or, if your state has a waiver program, speak with your case worker about covered bathing assistance products.

The information from this page appears in our free and downloadable cerebral palsy tool kit.