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Fact: CP is the most common movement disability in children. Fact: The injury that causes cerebral palsy is permanent and does not worsen, but the symptoms of a person’s cerebral palsy may change over time. Fact: About 1/3 of individuals with cerebral palsy are wheelchair users.
Fact: Symptoms of cerebral palsy vary from person to person depending on how and where the brain has been injured. Fact: Cerebral palsy affects movement and posture for all of those diagnosed. Fact: CP affects more adults than children despite being widely referred to as a childhood disorder.
Fact: Adults with CP struggle with access to healthcare professionals knowledgeable about aging with CP. Fact: Premature aging is common in cerebral palsy, and 1/3 of adults report a decline in mobility as they age (some as early as in their 20’s). Fact: The energy used in movements by a person with cerebral palsy is three (3) to five (5) times more than that of a person without cerebral palsy.
  Fact: Lifespans of those with cerebral palsy are often similar to those without cerebral palsy.  
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