Teenager sitting in wheelchair, smiling, and giving a thumbs-up, wearing a red shirt and adaptive shorts for cerebral palsy.
Adaptive clothing for cerebral palsy, and other physical impairments, include items designed to make dressing easier and more comfortable. Some designs are compatible with equipment such as wheelchairs, feeding tubes, AFOs and more.

Every year popular brands and retailers continue to enter the adaptive clothing market with fashionable and creative designs for consumers.

Adaptive Clothing

  • MagnaReady– magnetic closure dress shirt for adults

Adaptive Swimwear

Shoes for AFO Users and Conventional Shoe Accessories

  • Hatchback Shoes – fashionable yet expensive footwear that is so much easier to put on if your child wears AFOs
  • Zappos– This online shoe retailer now has adaptive fashion including clothing and footwear for children and adults. They also offer single shoe purchases for selecting shoes of different sizes.

More Ideas

  • Stride Rite and New Balance are mainstream shoes that are often mentioned by community members as compatible with their AFO and orthotics when they size up.

Rain/Winter Boots

  • Overshoes- These go over existing shoes-lots of options and manufacturers including NEOS which look like they have great traction and many options–older children and adult sizes only.
  • Rugged Outback– Low cost mainstream boot with front that zippers down. This manufacturer offers a boot that has a front flap that opens so far down in the front that it makes it easy to remove the liner and use with AFOS. Available from Amazon and Payless (maybe others).

AFO Related Facebook Pages

  • AFOwear– A page started by a mom with personal stories, lessons learned and her tips/solutions for everyday brace wear.

Socks for AFO Users

Trouble with Tying Shoes?

  • Lock laces for kids and adults who do not want to wear velcro.
  •  Zubits– magnetic shoe closures

Knee Covers

  • Crawlings- Low profile knee pads that can prevent bruises and scrapes. They are vented in the back and come with a few different design options.


  • Wrapeaze– Easy to put on and take off jacket-wraps
  • Also check Target and Tommy Hilfiger’s adaptive clothing lines for adaptive jackets.

Fingerless Gloves

  • Wristies– Keep your child’s hands warm but the fingers free to use.

Easier to put on Belts

  • Myself Belts– A wonderful product that gives your child an opportunity to use a belt with more independence.

Wearable Blanket

  • Halosleep Sack– These sleep sacks are helpful when your child is unable to cover themselves. They have some with and without holes for the legs.

Eye Patches

The information from this page appears in our free and downloadable cerebral palsy tool kit.