Adult with cerebral palsy, in a gym setting, lifting hand weights.

The CP Research Network Wellbeing Programs

The CP Research Network was founded with a commitment to the health and wellbeing of people with cerebral palsy and their caregivers.  From the Wellbeing Guide to our focus on improving health outcomes, health and wellbeing has played a central role in our programming.  With the evidence that has been generated about the importance of physical activity for our community, finding ways to support that activity has been an increasing focus for the network.  In an ideal world, we would have a combination of adaptive fitness programs across the country that people can access in their locale to virtual programs that can be enjoyed by anyone with an internet connection.

We currently have two programs that are in various stages of development, MENTOR and Staying Driven.

Staying Driven Fitness Classes for Teens and Adults sponsored by Neurocrine Biosciences

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Neurocrine Biosciences is the exclusive sponsor of our MyCP Fitness program with Staying Driven.

Program overview: For teens and adults, we offer a free MyCP membership to Staying Driven virtual fitness classes exclusively for the CP community.  Staying Driven LLC is a virtual adaptive fitness program founded by Stephanie “the Hammer” Roach.  An adult with CP and a former Crossfit trainer and gym owner, she shifted her business with the pandemic to virtual classes for people with disabilities via Zoom.  She and her staff of adaptive fitness trainers run multiple classes a week for people with disabilities.  The CP Research Network has arranged for MyCP members to be able to attend up to two classes per week, free of charge.  The CP Research Network thanks Neurocrine Biosciences for their support of this important program for our community.Interested members of the community can read the requirements below.

Staying Driven Adaptive FitnessWe are offering the Staying Driven fitness program to any member of the MyCP community that is 13 years old or older.  Classes will be offered for two hours per week — on Tuesday evening at 7 pm ET and Saturday morning at noon ET.  To be eligible, you need to:

  1. Read and sign the waivers for Staying Driven and the CP Research Network.
  2. Go to the MyCP Fitness Program to sign-up and fill in the form to receive your invitation.

How it works

MyCP members who follow the steps above will receive an email from the CP Research Network with the link to the Zoom fitness class with Staying Driven LLC.  The participant uses the link at the specified times — Saturdays at noon ET or Tuesdays at 7 pm ET — to join the class.  Steph, or one of her other coaches, will run the class.

What should you bring?

A water bottle, a hand towel and a positive attitude.

What about weights?

Classes are adapted for people of all ages and abilities.  Steph will encourage you to gather items from around your house or apartment to participate.  If you have a personal care attendant or a caregiver that wants to be involved, they are welcome to attend to assist.

What if I cannot make these times or I want to work out more often?  Do I need a note from my doctor?

The MyCP Fitness program only supports these two days and times.  Staying Driven has monthly memberships that will allow you access to all of the regular programming if you are interested.  A doctor’s approval is up to your discretion.  Think of it as joining a gym — the gym doesn’t require a note from the doctor but the waiver makes clear that you are responsible for making the appropriate health choices for yourself.

MENTOR: Mindfulness, Exercise, Nutrition TOptimize Resilience for Adults

Title slide for Dr. Jim Rimmer's talk on MENTOR -- a health and wellness program for people with a disability

Click here to listen to Dr. Rimmer’s 10 minute overview of the MENTOR program.

Program Overview: The CP Research Network partnered with the National Center for Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD) to offer a free mindfulness, exercise and nutrition program called MENTOR.  The program is an 8 week, 40 hour program to develop knowledge, improved health and sustainable skills. It is a new program and was originally designed as an in person, on site program at one of several rehabilitation centers (Shirley Ryan Ability Lab, Shephard, Spaulding, etc.) NCHPAD is just graduating its first class of students.The network worked with NCHPAD to tailor the fit for this program to the unique aspects of the CP community.
I wanted to say thank you for facilitating the opportunity to join the MENTOR program. It’s been a fantastic 8 weeks and I have gained so much valuable information that I otherwise would have had a difficult time accessing (or even knowing where to start looking for help). I’m much better equipped to maintain my health now, and push through what life throws my way with the newly acquired experience and knowledge…
Nicole L.
MENTOR pilot participant

It has been designed for people with disabilities but not specifically for people with CP. We expect to make adaptions to the program. It is intended to be interactive and dynamically adapted for the participants.

Program Start: April 2022. Join MyCP and check the box for interest in MENTOR or send questions to Existing MyCP members can go to their profile to indicate interest in participating.

Timeframe: Eight (8) weeks

Weekly time commitment: Five (5) hours, one hour per day

Breakdown: Two (2) hours exercise, one (1) hour nutrition, one (1) mindfulness, one (1) health coaching (usually Fridays).

Format: Group classes – Five (5) to six (6) people, fixed weekly schedule to be planned between 9 am – 5 pm CT, some one-on-one coaching as needed.

First week is an introduction to program and each hour session that week sets the context for the eight (8) week training.

More questions? Go to our MENTOR Frequently Asked Questions.