Registry Elements

Registry Element Name Definition Deprecated
CPRN0096 Catheter Tip Level

Catheter tip level: location of the tip of the catheter.High cervical: vertebrae from the top of the spine to the base of the skullMid cervical: inferior to the high cervical and superior to the mid thoracic certebraeMid thoracic: middle portion of the spine containing 12 vertebraeIntraventricular: within the ventricles of the CNS

CPRN0097 Is the pump being implanted for a cerebral palsy diagnosis? no

Communication Function Classification System

CPRN0099 Leaning forward – Fit/Size no
CPRN0100 Leaning left – Fit/Size no
CPRN0101 Leaning right – Fit/Size no
CPRN0102 Upright – Fit/Size no
CPRN0103 Left Hip Abduction (hips and knees extended) Ashworth Spasticity Scale

Assessed supine with hip and knee extended, starting with hip in maximal adduction move joint quickly towards abduction noting spasticity of adductors.

CPRN0104 Clinics at which patient has ever been seen:

Indication of which services, clinics, or specialists the patient has seen.

CPRN0105 Clinics at which patient has ever been seen – Other

Description of any other services, clinics, or specialists the patient has seen.

CPRN0106 Clonus Present

Is Clonus present?

CPRN0107 Clonus Location

can be multiple

CPRN0108 CNS Entry Level

Laminectomy: surgery that creates space by removing the lamina the back part of a vertebrae that covers the spinal canal.If surgery type: Catheter Revision

CPRN0109 What is diagnosis non CP diagnosis? no
CPRN0110 CNS Entry Method

Surgery type: New Baclofen Pump