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Name Discipline University Affiliation Contact
Mary Gannotti, PT, PhD Physical Therapy University of Hartford 413-627-9536Email
Kenneth Rogers, Email
Lori Poliski, Email
Adam Ostendorf, MD Neurology Email
Bangning Yu, Email
Benjamin Shore, MD, MPH, FRCSC Orthopedics Harvard 617-838-0973Email
Angela Sinner, DO Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine 651-402-4201Email
Aloysia Schwabe, MD Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Baylor College of MedicineT 713-410-4626Email
Anastasia , Email
Amy Bailes, PT, PhD. Physical Therapy University of Cincinnati Department of Rehabilitation Sciences 513 368 9903Email
Allison Oki, MD PMR University of Utah 801-631-2512Email
Andrew Skalsky, MD Email
Christy Hill, PT PT- Coordinator 832-325-7147Email
Erin Hooper, Email
Edward Hurvitz, MD Pediatric PM&R University of Michigan (248) 752-5005Email
Dante Kyle, Email
Deb Gaebler, MD Email
Dennis Matthews, MD PM&R University of Colorado (303) 880-2787Email
Deborah Thorpe, PT, PhD Email
David Frumberg, MD Orthopedics Yale (631) 241-1782Email
Michele Shusterman, Email
Clifford Craig, MD Email
Christopher Lunsford, MD Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation University of Virginia (704) 490-6498Email
Christine Thorogood, MD Email
Chuck Stevenson, MD Email
Connie Garland, Email
Brian Snyder, MD Email
Brandon Rocque, MD, MS Neurosurgery UAB 205-209-5138Email
Blair Cooper, Email
Jody Lin, Email
Jilda Vargus-Adams, MD, MPH Email
Jennifer Carpenter, Email
Jeffrey Leonard, MD Neurosurgery The Ohio State University 614-949-1000Email
Jason Carmel, Email
James McCarthy, MD, MHCM Orthopaedics University of Cincinnati 513 636-7060Email
Jacob Kean, PhD Speech-Language Pathology University of Utah 801-213-3751Email
Garey Noritz, MD Developmental Pediatrics The Ohio State University (216) 965-5052Email
Mary Gannotti, PT, PhD Physical Therapy University of Hartford 413-627-9536Email
Freeman Miller, MD Orthopedics DuPont childrens 302 438 0977Email
Jason Rhodes, MD Email
Lauren Hlivka, Email
Lynette Holman, Email
Louise Spierre, MD Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine University of Florida, Jacksonville 904-710-7098Email
Lori Poliski, Email
Laurie Glader, MD Pediatrics (Complex Care) Harvard University 617 355 6162Email
Lama Albarqawi, Email
Kristie Bjornson, PT, PhD Physical Therapist University of Washington 425-830-4188Email
Kemi Lewis, Email
Kenneth Rogers, Email
Kirk Dabney, M.D., MHCDS Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery Thomas Jefferson University Medical School 302 293-8702Email
Neil Panlasigui, Email
Sinear Sadang, Bachelors of Science – Public Health Clinical Research Associate 206-884-1152Email
Robert Bollo, MD Neurosurgey University of Utah 801-662-5340Email
Richard Stevenson, MD Developmental Pediatrics University of Virginia (UVA) 434-981-4398Email
Ravinder Brar, Email
Rachel Thompson, MD Email
Pritha Dalal, MD Physical medicine and Rehabiliation/physiatry UCSD 419-618-0016Email
Paul Gross, BA University of Utah 425.301.0527Email
Nancy Clegg, BSN, MSN, PhD Neurology / Research 214-559-8411Email
Mohan Belthur, MD, FRCSC Pediatric Orthopedics University of Arizona College of Medicine – Phoenix (602) 540-9384Email
Michael Kruer, MD Email
Marcia Greenberg, Email
Micah Baird, Email
Manish N. Shah, MD Pediatric Neurosurgery McGovern Medical School at UTHealth (UTHouston) 832-325-7242Email
Tom Novacheck, MD peds ortho Univ of MN 651-229-3813Email
Susan Horn, PhD Statistician and health services researcher University of Utah School of Medicine 801-718-9149Email
William Oppenheim, MD Orthopedic Surgery Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA 310-403-6345Email
William Gross, Email
Wendy Pierce, Email
Wade Shrader, M.D. Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery (601)331-4191Email
Varun Awasti, Email
Unni Narayanan, MD, MPH, FRCSC Email
Susan Apkon, Email
Sruthi Thomas, MD, PhD Pediatric Rehabilitation University of Colorado/Baylor 303-995-1789Email
Stephen Nichols, MD Pediatric PM&R Johns Hopkins University 410-258-3843Email
Kelly Pham, MD Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation University of Washington Email
Jeffrey Raskin, MD Neurosurgery Indiana University Email
Test Investigator, 4254820479Email