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It’s been almost four years since I started CP Daily Living. I never imagined that my idea for creating a small resource about cerebral palsy would evolve as it has, into an international hub of information, collaboration, and support. Many of you have sent me touching letters and offered comments of encouragement that have sustained my passion and desire to advance support for the CP community. I have been honored to get to know many of you and your families intimately; hearing of your private struggles, your resilience and your desire for change for people who have CP. There have been countless requests for more support, better treatment options and access to better care for yourselves (adults with CP), for your children or for other family members.

I have spent my time as steward to CP Daily Living, learning about the landscape of CP research and support, identifying where the gaps are in funding and management, and sharing what I’ve learned about advances in the field and opportunities for people with CP to have a better present and future. I have outgrown the practical structure of CP Daily Living and need to move forward with a nonprofit structure that will allow me (and now a team of volunteers) to apply for grants and to expand what I have been able to offer the community and public.

It is with tremendous humility and excitement that I bring you CP NOW—my next step toward advancing neurorecovery, education and support, for the CP community across the lifespan. Over the next few weeks you will hear more about the details of this new organization. Rest assured that CP Daily Living blog posts and social media posts will continue. As part of our grand opening I am offering a Diagnosis Tool Kit. This is the first of many educational Tool Kits that the organization will offer on topics covering the lifespan of a person with CP. It is a comprehensive resource (e-book) that has been ten months in the making; created by a team of parents, clinicians, therapists and researchers eager to address the gap in understanding at the time of the CP diagnosis. I encourage you to check it out the CP NOW website. By joining our mailing list you will receive access to it.

In honor of Giving Tuesday we would be thrilled to have you help us get off to a strong beginning by joining our mailing list, sharing our website, and offering a donation to help us advance our efforts for the CP Community.


Michele, CP Daily Living

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