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Webinar: Classifying Pain in Adults with Cerebral Palsy

Four images of our speakers including headshots of Drs Bailes, Gannotti, Hurvitz and NoritzThe Cerebral Palsy Research Network will host its next MyCP webinar on classifying pain in adults with cerebral palsy (CP) next Tuesday, October 24 at 8 pm ET. Gathering more detailed information about a person’s pain will help clinicians determine what treatments may help address it. Leaders in the network’s care improvement for adults, our team that does continuous improvement of outcomes in the treatment of adults with CP, will present plans for the next phase of their work to address pain which is a significant issue in the quality of life for adults. Drs Amy Bailes, Mary Gannotti, Ed Hurvitz and Garey Noritz will present the work of this multi-center implementation effort aimed at establishing the widespread assessment of pain for adults with cerebral palsy.

Why are we focused on pain in adults with CP?

Adults with CP consistently report that they are in pain that often goes unaddressed. In our most recent survey of adults with CP, 78% report that they are in pain. It is part of our vision to work towards addressing the most pressing concerns of the CP community in the most efficient manner possible and pain is at the top of our list.

The CP Research Network’s Adult Care quality improvement team greatly improved how often pain was assessed in adults over the last two years, surging from 24% to over 90% of visits at participating network sites. Now the group is planning the next important step in the systematic treatment of pain – classifying it accurately as a critical step to effective treatment. The clinician researchers will describe:

  • The importance of assessing and treating pain in an adult CP clinic
  • Our findings about pain to date from our Community Registry
  • How pain is classified and why pain classification is important
  • Our process for quality improvement in the care of pain in adults with CP

After the presentations of these topics, the speakers will engage the community
attendees for feedback on the planned work to improve outcomes in treating pain. We encourage adults with CP to attend and participate in this webinar. The webinar is free and open to the public by registering at https://cprn.org/mycp-webinar-series/ or sign up below. The webinar will be recorded and posted to our YouTube channel following the webinar.

Classifying Pain in Adults with CP
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