CPRN Adds Pediatric Panel to Community Advisory Committee

The Cerebral Palsy Research Network (CPRN) is pleased to announce the addition of the Pediatric Panel to the Community Advisory Committee. We welcome our new members comprised of parents of children with CP and teens and young adults with CP. We appreciate their time and commitment to ensuring that the pediatric CP community perspective is evident in the following ways in CPRN:

  1. Represent viewpoint of the CP pediatric community through parent and caregiver voices in steering the direction of CPRN.
  2. Reviewing the strategy and prioritizing the research.
  3. Participating as investigators or advisors in CPRN studies.

Collectively they represent a wide range of cerebral palsy diagnoses in type and degree of involvement. Many are advocates in the CP community, business leaders and health care practitioners so they bring a wealth of experience and knowledge.

In February, 2017 many of the new members participated in a Pediatric Panel Kick Off webinar hosted by Paul Gross, engaged in Research CP webinars and research prioritization survey and several will be attending the Research CP Workshop in Chicago.

We look forward to their insight and working together to advance research for cerebral palsy. Many thanks to Michele Shusterman of CP NOW for organizing and managing the panel.

Please welcome:

  • Melanie Brittingham
  • Jennifer Degillo
  • Lisa Diller
  • Lizette Dunay
  • Cathryn Gray
  • Chantal Holt
  • Kaysee Hyatt
  • Marquise Lane
  • Shantiah Norfleet
  • Michelle Parello
  • Wendy Sullivan
  • Liza and Timothy Weathersby
  • Christina Youngblood

Interested in being involved in CPRN’s Community Advisory Committee? Email our Community Engagement Director, Michele Shusterman, and follow us on cpresearch.net and/or on Facebook at CPRN.