Chicago Bound: Tune in to the Research CP Workshop this Friday!

In just a two days, more than 45 people from the cerebral palsy community including adults with CP, parents of children with CP, researchers and clinicians and CP community advocates, will convene on Friday, June 16, 2017 in Chicago, after months of engagement organized by CPRN and CP NOW and the Research CP planning team. This workshop is the first time that doctors and members of the CP community will be working together to set a comprehensive clinical research agenda for CP. And you can be a part of it by tuning in.

Audio: (641) 552-9473 Access Code: 430970#
Screen share:

We are excited to announce that you can tune in to the workshop broadcast via webinar with audio and slideshow. The broad goal of the workshop is to prioritize CP research from varied perspectives in the community.

The goals of the workshop will be:

  • Synthesizing the top research ideas from Codigital to be “research concepts”, i.e., with enough clarity that researchers will be able generate meaningful questions and create hypotheses that can be used for studies and grant applications.
  • Using “multi-voting” we will prioritize the resulting research concepts.
  • Conveying how the research and clinical community will leverage this work.

The agenda is:

Friday 8:30 am – 12:30 pm CT, 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm CT and Saturday, 8:30 am – 2 pm CT

These are the top three research ideas that were generated by the survey process. The top 20 will be points of discussion:

  1. What are the best long term exercise/strength training strategies to improve activity, participation and health, minimize pain, and maximize function in each GMFCS category across the lifespan?
  2. Research the issues around aging with CP, to understand not only how to treat adults now, but also to update our treatments & therapies with children who have CP to prevent some of the secondary impairments such as pain, fatigue, and functional loss.
  3. Which interventions [surgeries, injections, medications and therapies (orthotics, equipment, training)] are associated with better functional outcomes (important to child/ family) controlling for GMFCS level, age and co-morbidities?

We are excited to meet and greet everyone in Chicago and to prioritize a CP clinical research agenda with the input from the full community. Our hope is that the prioritized research agenda will improve outcomes for those with CP in the future.