Accelerating our mission with new board members

The Cerebral Palsy Research Network is all about bringing together people from across the patient, family, medical and research communities to create connections that lead to shared understanding and improved wellbeing for people with CP. It’s why “network” is in our name.

As a network, people are at the heart of what we do, and that’s especially true when it comes to the strategic guidance and expertise provided by our board.

Over the past few months, we’re delighted to have grown our board to welcome three new members:Garey Noritz, MD., David Browdy, BS, MBA, and Michael Pearlmutter, BS, MBA.

Though Dr. Noritz is new to the board, he’s a familiar face here at the CP Research Network as one of the founding members of our network steering committee.

As an internist and pediatrician specializing in neurodevelopmental disabilities and Chair of the Council on Children with Disabilities (COCWD), he brings vital medical expertise to the most strategic level of our organization. He is also the Principal Investigator of our clinical CP registry which now hold important medical information on approximately 7,500 patients with CP and accelerates our research.

Passionate about making sure that no child with a disability is overlooked and a longtime advocate for inclusivity and advocacy, we know his perspective and guidance will help us achieve our important mission.

He’s joined by David Browdy, BS, MBA. Mr. Browdy is a highly experienced business leader and the current Vice President and CFO of the Fred Hutch Cancer Center.

The former CFO of Utah Health, Mr. Browdy’s interests and expertise lie in finding that difficult balance between the business models behind healthcare systems and the potential of scientific and medical advances.

His impressive track record of building successful nonprofit research programs will be a real asset to the CP Research Network’s board as our continued quality improvement efforts mean we need to carefully consider the value chain of hospital care.

Also joining the board in April was Michael Pearlmutter. The current Executive Director of  Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation (CPARF), Mr Pearlmutter has extensive experience leading nonprofit organizations and strategic research funding from his experience at the Partnership for Clean Competition Research Collaborative.

Mr Pearlmutter’s place on the board will be a valuable way to strengthen the growing alliance between CPARF and the CP Research Network following our strategic partnership which we announced in February.

CPARF’s focus on closing critical research gaps combined with our reach as the largest network of hospitals and community members focused on improving health outcomes for those with CP, will allow us to implement larger scale changes more quickly, making a real difference to the lives of those with cerebral palsy and their families.

A very warm welcome to Dr Noritz, Mr Browdy and Mr Pearlmutter. We look forward to seeing how their time and insights will help us drive forward important new initiatives, continue to build our network, and deliver real change.

As well as our board, there are many important ways to get involved with our network and support the vital work we do.

Participate in discussions, take part in current research, access free resources and personalized recommendations through MyCP or support our work with much-needed donations to help us continue improving the lives of those with CP.