Registry Elements

Registry Element: CPRN0095
Name: Who are the caregivers?
Priority: Supplemental – Provide if possible

Type of relationship that the person who serves as the participant/subject’s primary caregiver has with the participant/subject. (NINDS)

Data Type: Numeric Input Restrictions: Multiple Pre-Defined Values
Epic SDE Type: Category Epic SmartData Elements: EPIC#17442, NCH#CPDB001
Permissible Values

Value Description Epic SDE IDs Epic Value Deprecated
1 Parents parents, mother, father no
2 Foster Parents foster parent, foster parents no
3 Grandparents (or other relative) grandparent, grandparents, other relative no
4 Group Home group home no
5 Living Independently none, living independently no
6 Adoptive parent adoptive parent no
7 Case Manager case manager no
8 None none no
Version: 1931.0

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