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What is Research CP?

It is a collaborative effort of two cerebral palsy organizations — CPRN and CP NOW — that will kick off in March 2017 with a series of five short, educational webinars (a short seminar online) all about CP research tools and techniques, current CP research, patient engagement and outcomes AND culminate in a 1.5-day Research CP Workshop in Chicago, IL in June, 2017. All who complete the webinars can attend virtually through live-streaming. (Register NOW!) Research CP is funded through a Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement award from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI).

Once you tune in and watch the first Research CP Overview webinar you can ALSO apply to attend the workshop in Chicago in person – you will be paid a stipend for your time*, and expenses will be reimbursed for your travel and hotel. You must meet the application criteria to attend. Due to funding and space limitations, we can only accept 32 in-person workshop participants BUT all can attend the virtual workshop and lend your thoughts! We will need to ensure good representation in the community across age, race, functional capabilities and a diversity of clinical disciplines for the in-person workshop attendees so that the community is well represented.

So Research CP is three parts:

  1. a Webinar Series of five 20-40 minutes of presentations with a question and answer period following;
  2. a survey of most pressing changes needed (research questions, problems, desired outcomes);
  3. 1.5-day Research CP Workshop in Chicago, IL AND virtual live-streaming of the workshop so all can attend.

* Stipends are only available for non-professional members of the community.

Webinar Registration

Research CP Webinar Registration
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Which role/representation in the CP community best describes your interest in Research CP.
The following question is optional but will help the conference organizers to understand how well the CP community is represented for our webinar series. All information is strictly confidential in keeping with our privacy policy.
Level I

  • Can walk indoors and outdoors and climb stairs without using hands for support;
  • Can perform usual activities such as running and jumping;
  • Has decreased speed, balance and coordination.

Level II

  • Has the ability to walk indoors and outdoors and climb stairs with a railing;
  • Has difficulty with uneven surfaces, inclines or in crowds;
  • Has only minimal ability to run or jump.

Level III

  • Walks with assistive mobility devices, e.g. walker, crutches, etc., indoors and outdoors on level surfaces;
  • May be able to climb stairs using a railing;
  • May propel a manual wheelchair (may require assistance for long distances or uneven surfaces).

Level IV

  • Walking ability severely limited even with assistive devices;
  • Uses wheelchairs most of the time and may propel their own power wheelchair;
  • May participate in standing transfers.

Level V

  • Has physical impairments that restrict voluntary control of movement and the ability to maintain head and neck position against gravity Is impaired in all areas of motor function;
  • Cannot sit or stand independently, even with adaptive equipment;
  • Cannot independently walk, though may be able to use powered mobility.

The information requested for registration will be used exclusively for planning the webinar series and workshop and will remain strictly confidential in keeping with our privacy policy.