What is Research CP?

It is a collaborative effort of two cerebral palsy organizations — CPRN and CP NOW — that will kick off in March 2017 with a series of five short, educational webinars (a short seminar online) all about CP research tools and techniques, current CP research, patient engagement and outcomes AND culminate in a 1.5-day Research CP Workshop in Chicago, IL in June, 2017. All who complete the webinars can attend virtually through live-streaming. (Register NOW!) Research CP is funded through a Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement award from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI).

Once you tune in and watch the first Research CP Overview webinar you can ALSO apply to attend the workshop in Chicago in person – you will be paid a stipend for your time*, and expenses will be reimbursed for your travel and hotel. You must meet the application criteria to attend. Due to funding and space limitations, we can only accept 32 in-person workshop participants BUT all can attend the virtual workshop and lend your thoughts! We will need to ensure good representation in the community across age, race, functional capabilities and a diversity of clinical disciplines for the in-person workshop attendees so that the community is well represented.

So Research CP is three parts:

  1. a Webinar Series of five 20-40 minutes of presentations with a question and answer period following;
  2. a survey of most pressing changes needed (research questions, problems, desired outcomes);
  3. 1.5-day Research CP Workshop in Chicago, IL AND virtual live-streaming of the workshop so all can attend.

* Stipends are only available for non-professional members of the community.

Webinar Registration

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