Adult sitting behind a child, smiling at the camera, as the child hold their fist up to their mouth, surrounded by colorful toy blocks.

I am the proud mother of a loving toddler named Tanner with cerebral palsy. We believe his CP was caused by difficulties surrounding his birth and were immediately connected with state intervention services to facilitate his development. Tanner was diagnosed with hypotonic CP at about 20 months old. Six months later, he was also diagnosed with spastic CP, though his hypotonia is much more prevalent than spasticity. Tanner has what many would call a “mild” case of CP. We are fortunate to have a strong village around our family to support the best care possible for our little “Tan Man”. I appreciate the amazing therapists who help guide us through this adventure as a family. Tanner attends physical, occupational, and speech therapy and has accomplished numerous developmental gains to celebrate. He wears SMO braces for his ankles and is gaining confidence in his walking skills. Tanner especially enjoys equine assisted therapy (horse therapy), music, playing outdoors, building toys, and laughing at our dog’s antics.