CP Research Network provides sponsorship opportunities designed to return meaningful value to our supporters.

The synergy of our research program and unique community engagement model yields impactful outcomes that address the most urgent and prevalent challenges people with CP face and manage each day. Your sponsorship will help expand the reach of our patient-driven research initiatives, high-demand educational offerings and community centric wellness programming.

Sponsorship Opportunities
Help Develop a New Educational Resource $XXXX
CPRN is committed to creating and distributing critical educational resources that empower and support the CP community through a spectrum of complex challenges and medical needs.
Our educational resources are created in response to questions brought forth by our network of patients, caregivers and clinicians. Our content is intensely curated to equip individuals and families with invaluable tools that foster wellbeing and quality of life.
From navigating a dense and complicated universe of medical treatments, to understanding emerging research and optimizing mental and physical health, our educational tools provide roadmaps that offer tactical guidance, hope, and opportunity. As medical and care landscapes change and evolve, we tune into the community and respond with instrumental resources.
Your sponsorship will fund the design and distribution of new educational tools that will reach thousands of families and providers. Content contributions and co-authoring options are also available.
Support the Distribution of Life-Changing Educational Resources (no cost, metric-driven)

Reaching communities and ensuring vast and equitable access to current and quality information requires a multi-pronged strategy and coordinated collaboration with a range of stakeholders and patient-facing providers. Help us touch more lives and drive more impact by distributing CPRN-authored educational tools across your community, clinic, programs, and institutions.

Sponsor a Research CP Program $XXXX

Our research programs aim to answer the most pressing questions, investigate the most urgent needs, and focus on the highest-potential opportunities to improve interventions and outcomes. Through a unique collaborative process fueled by powerful data assets, our research initiatives bring forth meaningful discoveries with the potential to truly change the course of CP.

Sponsor a Webinar $XXXX

CPRN hosts expert-led webinars that provide best-in-field clinicians and researchers a vehicle to share key insights, research discoveries, and guidance on topics that matter most to people living with cerebral palsy. Your contribution will fund new event offerings and accelerate knowledge sharing as emerging treatment options and research findings bring positive change and new opportunities to improve lives.

Launch our Fitness Program in your Community

Help more people with CP experience the profound benefits of adaptive fitness. Our Staying Driven virtual fitness classes are designed specifically for people with mobility impairments and offer activities for safe and accessible movement, strength building, and improved mental health. Help us launch new individual and group offerings in locations across the US by leveraging your community and network.

Help Grow our Research Programs

– Grow the Field of Knowledge (Paul, can you expand a bit?)
“general funding or registry-based analysis”

– Fund Essential Research Positions
CPRN’s research and community programs are run by a team of skilled collaborators, ensuring high-quality investigation design, study execution, monitoring, compliance, reporting, and community engagement. Help us grow our hardworking team by funding new positions as we expand the breadth and reach of our research and drive more life-changing discoveries.