The Cerebral Palsy Research Network is an open, collaborative network of clinicians, researchers and community members seeking to improve outcomes for people with CP by conducting high quality research and quality improvement initiatives.  Studies can be initiated by clinicians, researchers or community members by following our standard operating procedures (see SOP 4: Research Concepts and Protocols).  The CP Research Network is focused on studies that have been prioritized by Research CP — our initiative conducted with a broad array of stakeholders to set a patient-centered research agenda for CP.  We recommend that anyone wanting to initiate a study start by:

  1. Reviewing the Research CP publication and Research CP: Dystonia Edition (publication pending) priorities to determine if the study is a priority for the community.
  2. Review our Standard Operating Procedures for creating a research concept.
  3. Contact the CP Research Network Research Manager to determine if the study is a fit for the network.

Note that clinical studies and community registry studies have different approval processes.