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Data Collection Overview

CPRN Data Collection Overview version 2.0

CPRN Data Transfer Training Webinar

Data Submission Specification

There are currently two specifications available. Version 1.x is based on PCORnet 4.1 and version 2.x is based on PCORnet 5.1. New sites should follow version 2.x. Existing sites currently using version 1.x may continue to do so though moving to version 2.x is highly encouraged.


Registry Elements

CPRN Registry Elements
Search Registry Elements

Data Extraction and Validation

CPRN Data Extraction Reference Implementation


CPRN Data Validation Process User’s Guide


PCORnet Common Data Model
PCORnet CDM v4.1
PCORnet CDM v5.1

Old Versions

CPRN Data Collection Overview version 1.0
CPRN Data Collection Overview version 1.1
CPRN Data Submission Specification version 1.0