A woman with cerebral palsy in a black cap and gown and sunglasses holds her MBA degree proudly.

Karen Pleasant, MBA  is an accountant who recently discovered her life’s purpose as the founder and Executive Director of Cerebral Palsy Positive.

Originally, Cerebral Palsy Positive was launched out of frustration at the lack of medical knowledge beyond pediatrics.  When things began changing a little over a decade ago, she wanted/needed answers!  Although information was scarce, Karen persevered, posting anything she thought would encourage or educate people challenged with CP.  With the majority of human life being BEYOND the pediatric realm,  it’s illogical that, until recently, studies concluded with “more research needs to be done” in regard to the adult population

As an inaugural member of CPRN’s Community Advisory Committee, she had an epiphany, realizing there was more she could do along with sharing information.

Two rebirths later, Cerebral Palsy Positive is in the startup phase of becoming a nonprofit with a mission of narrowing the unjust healthcare gap between pediatrics and adulthood.  Thus, providing everyone challenged with CP the opportunity to live their BEST LIFE.