Justin Ramsey, M.D. is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and is sub-specialty boarded in Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine. He graduated from the Kansas University School of Medicine. He then completed his Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation training at the Kansas University Medical Center and a fellowship program in Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine at Children’s Mercy Hospital (Kansas City, MO). Dr. Ramsey spent several years as faculty with the Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine fellowship program at Children’s Mercy Hospital and the Kansas University Medical Center’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department. He has served as chair of the Advocacy Committee for the American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine and has served on its Communications Committee.

Currently, he works at a private pediatric rehabilitation hospital (Bethany Childrens Health Center) near Oklahoma City, which specializes in the care of children with disabilities. In collaboration with neurology and OU Health Science Center’s neurosurgery department, he has created Oklahoma’s joint pediatric movement clinic. He currently serves as the Associate Medical Director for the Movement clinic and Cerebral Palsy. He volunteers as a Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology at The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center.

Justin has hemiparetic cerebral palsy and is active in local advocacy. He is married to his wife (Kendra) and has 2 beautiful young children (Ryan and Reese), who keep his family busy. Medical and disability education are some of his major subjects of interest. He is grateful for early college experiences in working with individuals with disabilities while volunteering at Hetlinger Developmental Services, Inc in his hometown of Emporia, KS.