Mindfulness, Exercise, Nutrition TOptimize Recovery

Program Overview: This eight (8) week free program seeks to teach people valuable skills including mindfulness, exercise and nutrition for a healthier life with a disability. It is a new program and was originally designed as an in person, on site program at one of several rehabilitation centers (Shirley Ryan Ability Lab, Shephard, Spaulding, etc.) NCHPAD is just graduating its first class of students.

It is important to note that the CP Research Network version of this program is a pilot (a test)of what is already a new program under development. It has been designed for people with disabilities but not specifically for people with CP. We expect to make adaptions to the program. It is intended to be interactive and dynamically adapted for the participants. In addition to the trained coaches from MENTOR, Dr. Mary Gannotti, a physical therapist who specializes in physical activity for adults with CP, will be involved in shaping the pilot as we go. Your feedback will be critical to making the program a success.

Program Start: March 29 (but we may adjust into April)

Timeframe: Eight (8) weeks

Weekly time commitment: Five (5) hours, one hour per day

Breakdown: Two (2) hours exercise, one (1) hour nutrition, one (1) mindfulness, one (1) health coaching (usually Fridays).

Format: Group classes – Five (5) to six (6) people, fixed weekly schedule to be planned between 9 am – 5 pm CT, some one-on-one coaching as needed.

First week is an introduction to program and each hour session that week sets the context for the eight (8) week training.

1. Requirements: Permission to participate in the program from your primary care provider along with a signed release of liability.
2. Computer access to Zoom.
3. Availability to meet during the scheduled meeting times.
4. Registration for MyCP, the CP Research Network’s community registry and communication platform.
5. Completion of the MyCP survey on personal wellbeing.

Notes: If you have a family member or personal care assistant that needs or wants to participate, they are welcome.