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November 24

CP NOW Releases The Cerebral Palsy Tool Kit

The Cerebral Palsy Toolkit
CP NOW formally opens to the public and simultaneously releases The Cerebral Palsy Tool Kit, from diagnosis to understanding, the first comprehensive CP diagnosis resource guide developed by parents and CP experts. This resource is offered electronically for free on (link to page on site) and has been downloaded by..Read More
November 20

CP Daily Living Financially Contributes to Analysis of Historic Federal Funding for CP Research

CP Daily Living Image
This groundbreaking analysis brings a detailed understanding of what type of CP research the US government has funded and the money that has been spent in those areas. Dr. Yvonne Wu and colleagues summarize these findings in detail: “Cerebral Palsy research funding from the National Institutes of Health, 2001-2013”.
November 1

Introduction of the Term ‘Early Developmental Brain Injury’

Introducing the Term 'Early Developmental Delay', Michele Shusterman
Opinion piece, “Introducing the term ‘early developmental brain injury'” is published in the medical journal Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology. As of November 2019, the article has been cited 15 times. This article pushes professionals to re-frame CP as an infant brain injury/disturbance, so that clinical care, research and government..Read More
March 10

President of CP NOW Participates in Organizing an NIH Workshop on Exercise for Wheelchair Users

NIH Pathways to Prevention
Michele Shusterman, President of CP NOW attends a planning meeting at NIH as a CP community representative and parent advocate. This meeting brings together an elite group of international experts in exercise research who organize a workshop about exercise for wheelchair users. The goal of this workshop is to generate..Read More
March 1

Michele Shusterman Contributes to Respected & Beloved Book About Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy: A Complete Guide for Caregiving
Michele Shusterman, Founder of CP NOW contributes to one of the most respected and beloved books about cerebral palsy, “Cerebral Palsy, A Complete Guide to Caregiving” by Dr. Freeman Miller and Dr. Steven Bachrach.
December 10

Founder & President of CP NOW Authors Chapter in Groundbreaking CP Handbook for Clinicians

Children and Yourth with Complex Cerebral Palsy
Michele Shusterman, Founder and President of CP NOW coordinates and co-authors a chapter about family life in a handbook for clinicians called, “Children and Youth with Complex Cerebral Palsy. This new resource brings together contributions from leading international CP experts to offer a practical resource for anyone working with families..Read More
October 7

CP NOW Hosts First Adaptive Exercise Program

Adaptive Swim
CP NOW co-sponsors a local adaptive swim clinic for people of all ages in partnership with OPAF and the First Clinics. World Champion Triathlete Mabio Costa, a below knee amputee and athlete was the program instructor. Part of the mission of CP NOW is to support wellness initiatives like these..Read More
August 2

The “Research CP” White Paper Summarizing CP Community’s Research Priorities Published

The Research CP White Paper Summarizing CP Community's Research Priorities Published
In 2017, CP NOW and the Cerebral Palsy Research Network (CPRN) hosted Research CP, a comprehensive program that led to a prioritized list of research topics for the CP community that are meaningful to individuals with CP. This list and other details are summarized in the white paper, “Setting a..Read More
June 1

CP NOW Launches Research Program, First Pilot Study is Funded!

A little boy stands playing at a giant version of the ‘Connect Four in a Row’ game as an adult woman observes him.
CP NOW awards funds to an international team of CP researchers including Dr. Gordon of Columbia University, Dr. Friel of the Burke Medical Research Institute at Cornell and Dr. Bleyenheuft of Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium. This group is working to determine the key ingredients necessary to create and..Read More
November 23

Parent Representatives of CP NOW Co-teach a Course to Professional Audience

Parent Representatives of CP NOW Co-Teach a Course
Parent representatives of CP NOW co-teach a course to a professional audience at the American Pediatric Physical Therapy Association Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. The course, “Twenty Years of Translating the GMFCS System into Practice”, emerged from a partnership of two parent advocates and three physical therapy researchers who surveyed the..Read More
September 5

CP NOW Releases a Parent/Caregiver Wellbeing Guide

CP NOW Releases a Parent/Caregiver Wellbeing Guide
This resource is created in partnership with Dr. Elise Davis and her colleagues at the University of Melbourne and is based on a resource she created in partnership with families in Australia. The wellbeing guide covers a topic often overlooked when it comes to the care of children with disabilities—the..Read More
September 1

CP NOW Releases Spanish Translation of The Cerebral Palsy Tool Kit & Accompanying Diagnosis Postcards

Cerebral Palsy Toolkit, En Espanol
January 1

CP NOW Receives the Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Award

Setting a consumer-centered research agenda for CP-Mission accomplished!
CP NOW receives the Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement award of $49,665 to conduct “Research CP”, a ground breaking CP community effort involving clinicians, parents, adults with CP and caregivers, working to formally develop a patient-centered research agenda for the CP community. This program is held in partnership with The Cerebral..Read More
September 27

Michele Shusterman Co-teaches a Course to Physicians & Therapists

Michele Shusterman, co-founder, Cerebral Palsy Research Network
Founder of CP NOW, Michele Shusterman co-teaches a course to a professional audience of physicians and therapists at the AACPDM annual meeting based on the development and distribution of a community survey about family perspectives on common CP therapies and interventions.
September 15

CP NOW Partners with AACPDM to Host the Community Education Program

Michele Shusterman Speaking at AACPDM, Community Education
CP NOW partners with the American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine (AACPDM) to host the community education program during their 2016 annual meeting in Hollywood, Florida. CP NOW organizes the program and funds the video recording which are available on our YouTube channel.
September 2

CP NOW Founder Michele Shusterman Awarded ‘Making a Difference’ Award

Michele Shusterman, co-founder, Cerebral Palsy Research Network
Michele Shusterman, Founder of CP NOW, receives the American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine’s “Making a Difference” Award for the development of The Cerebral Palsy Tool Kit. Watch Ms. Shusterman’s address to the professional audience during General Session, “From Chaos to Cohesion, Making Sense of CP for Caregivers”.
January 1

CP NOW Creates Diagnosis Postcards

The Cerebral Palsy Toolkit Postcard
CP NOW creates diagnosis postcards introducing families to the CP Tool Kit. Clinicians may request these free postcards from CP NOW.
January 7

CP NOW is Established as a Non-Profit

CP NOW is established as a 501(c)3 nonprofit in the state of South Carolina, allowing us to raise funds to advance community projects and support people with CP and their families. CP Daily Living continues as part of CP NOW as a community resource hub and blog.
November 14

State of the Science & Treatment Decisions in Cerebral Palsy Workshop

The workshop takes place at the National Institutes of Health, Rockville, Maryland. Dr. Scientists, CP organizations, NIH leadership and members of the public gather together to discuss the state of research and treatment options for CP. A strategic plan and a series of action items is developed to mobilize change..Read More
September 1

CP Daily Living Establishes Website

CP Daily Living Image
CP Daily Living established, a blog and resource website, for parents, caregivers and others looking for information on and/or about CP. The development of the website would later prove to be the foundation for CP NOW.


For more information, download our free cerebral palsy tool kit.