A little boy with CP and his physical therapist practice standing using a blue exercise ball on a colorful illustrated ABC mat

Spiro’s Medicine Ball – Weight Bearing with Hypotonic CP with his favorite PT

Spiro works very hard during his PT sessions still 4 years later trying to learn how to stand on his own.  Weight Bearing is really hard work for him and hit Hypotonic CP.  We do this for his Hips and Bones to stay strong.  He has such great work ethic during his PT and OT sessions.  He is truly my hero the strength he shows doing such hard activities with his mild Hypotonia too.

A boy with cerebral palsy rides in a western saddle on a brown-and-white paint horse in a field while being led by a handler.

Pony ride

holding on tight for a pony ride

A smiling boy with CP, wearing sunglasses, a grey t-shirt, and shorts, uses a cane to navigate across a busy public square.

Enjoying his independence

Years of practice to learn to use his cane so he can feel comfortable walking without holding my hand

A smiling boy with cerebral palsy, wearing a royal blue wetsuit and purple goggles, swims in an outdoor pool.

Summer means lots of pool fun

One of Logan’s favorite activities is swimming in the pool.

A smiling little boy with cerebral palsy rides on a colorful carousel horse as a smiling woman steadies him with her arms.

Amusement park fun, yee-haw!

Going on rides in amusement parks can be limiting for people with disabilities. We made sure to get Nate on every ride he was able. The day ended with sweaty grins and contentment of a well spent day with family. 

A smiling man with cerebral palsy stands at his garage workstation surrounded by different types of tools.

Setting up the workshop

A buff man in his early 40s is smiling and standing in front of a workbench with power tools.

A man with cerebral palsy smiles towards the camera while riding his green recumbent tricycle across a highway overpass.

Out peddln’

A man with a great beard in his early 40s is riding a 3-wheeled recumbent hand-peddled bicycle over a freeway bridge.

A smiling man with cerebral palsy, using crutches, stands together with a woman on a rocky outcrop overlooking trees and a lake

Love found

A buff man in in his late 20s is standing next to his girlfriend using forearm crutches on the shore of Lake Michigan.  

An adult with cerebral palsy concentrates on using a skiing machine at a gymnasium.


African-American woman exercising on a Ski-Erg at DPI Adaptive Fitness.

The Shrader triplets, two of whom have cerebral palsy, at graduation

CP Stands for College Perfection!

Triplet selfie at Benjamin’s graduation from Belhaven University!