CPRN and CP NOW Foundation
CPRN and CP NOW – Partners in Research

CPRN and CPNOW require a letter of intent (LOI) prior to submitting an application to our Request for Applications. To submit an LOI, please use the form below. The LOI will first be reviewed by CPNOW to determine if the application concept fits with the CPNOW mission and Research CP patient-centered research agenda. CPRN will then review the LOI to determine the fit with CPRN’s network assets and capabilities. LOIs must be submitted by July 1, 2019 and will receive a response by July 15, 2019 inviting the applicant to submit a full application if appropriate. The LOI process is intended to insure that the grant application has a realistic chance of being funded so as to avoid any unnecessary work on the part of the applicant.

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