Webinar Replay: Got EMR? Is Available on CPRN

Paul Gross, CPRN Founder

Paul Gross
CPRN Founder

Garey Noritz, M.D.

Garey Noritz, MD, Nationwide Children’s Hospital Director of Complex Care

Jeffrey Hoffman, MD

Jeffrey Hoffman, MD, Nationwide Children’s Hospital Chief Medical Information Officer

Webinar on EMR usage to improve clinical efficiency while enabling clinical research in cerebral palsy

The Cerebral Palsy Research Network (CPRN) hosted a webinar on December 14, 2015 on its plan to leverage Electronic Medical Records (EMR) platforms to capture the data elements that make up the its CP registry.

This one hour webinar, including Q&A, begins with a brief introduction to CPRN and its current development status by Paul Gross and then is followed by an overview and demonstration of Nationwide’s existing CP registry built directly into its EMR. Dr. Garey Noritz provides an overview their “Learn From Every Patient” initiative and its benefits. Dr. Hoffman then answers questions raised in advance by the webinar registrants. The webinar not only answers key questions about what the experience will be like for clinicians to interact with the EMR during a CP clinic visit while simultaneously capturing core data for the CPRN registry but also answers key IT questions about what Nationwide will develop and share with other CPRN members for their Epic EMR.

Anyone interested in viewing the webinar can see it at: http://tinyurl.com/cprn-webinar-on-emr.

Thanks again to the Hydrocephalus Association for hosting this webinar.