The Cerebral Palsy Research Network vision is to have every clinician treating people with CP offering the best, most current treatment available that has been proven to be so through high quality research conducted through CPRN. Every center with a CP clinic will consent their patients to include their treatment data in the CPRN registry. This registry will enable clinician researchers to find practice variation and create quality initiatives to improve outcomes for all patients regardless of where they are treated.

The CPRN registry will also provide the basis for planning high quality, high impact studies to answer the most pressing clinical questions that will improve the lives of people with CP. Clinicians participating in CPRN will collaborate to build powerful multi-center studies that can be used to answer these important questions at record speeds because of the broad participation in the network.

CPRN will also address the vexing problem of transition from children’s hospitals to adult care and allow patients to continue to contribute outcomes data to the rich dataset that has been curated from their participation. CPRN will enable the study of long-term outcomes from the many interventions that children go through after their initial diagnosis of CP.

CPRN’s rich dataset will attract a new generation of clinicians who will value the collaborative research environment that has been created.

And as basic and translational science networks such as CP Alliance’s IMPACT CP develop new therapeutic interventions, CPRN will provide the clinical trial infrastructure to rapidly and safely test new interventions. The many universities participating in CPRN will enable a new level of collaboration between basic scientists and clinical researchers helping focus research on solving the most important questions for the CP community.