The Open Hearts of Special Children

Repost from Facebook April 7th, 2013

Yesterday was one of Maya’s very good buddies’ 7th birthday party. There were a few kids there that Maya knew from her former therapeutic pre-school. Maya’s dad told me today that he had been a little worried about her at first. It was held in our friend’s backyard and she was in her wheelchair, and he wasn’t sure if she would be able to comfortably involve herself with the people and activities there. He then went on to tell me that he couldn’t believe how she and her two buddies played together. They each have their own unique challenges, and yet their instincts to care for, listen to, and include each other was powerful enough to melt this dad’s heart. These two dear friends of Maya’s welcomed her onto the trampoline and other activities with open arms (literally). How many life lessons could be learned from these girls?!! Writing and thinking about it now makes the tears flow. I wish we had gotten a photo of the three of them together. This is a smile that comes from deep within and I will cherish it and the memories of this day forever.

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      Wow, thank you Maisa for your encouragement and for sharing our blog. I never thought I would be a blogger! You just never know…

      With much gratitude,


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