Scientific Review Subcommittee

The Scientific Review Subcommittee (SRS) is a subcommittee of the Executive Committee that reviews protocols and applications for CPRN to improve quality studies submitted to and by CPRN. Members of SRS are selected from the CPRN Investigator Committee, CPRN advisors and other senior investigators at CPRN sites. CPRN seeks to represent most disciplines on it subcommittees. Members volunteer for two year terms.

  • Subcommittee Chair: Kristie Bjornson, PT PhD, Seattle Children’s Hospital
  • Subcommittee Vice Chair: Benjamin Shore, MD, Boston Children’s Hosptial
  • Amy Bailes, PT PhD, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
  • Rob Bollo, MD, Primary Children’s Hospital
  • Diane Damiano, PT PhD, National Institutes of Health Clinical Center
  • Deborah Hirtz, MD, University of Vermont
  • Susan D Horn, PhD, University of Utah
  • Jacob Kean, PhD, University of Utah
  • Jeff Leonard, MD, Nationwide Children’s Hospital
  • Angela Sinner, DO, Gillette Specialty Healthcare
  • Rich Stevenson, MD, University of Virginia