Registry Element: CPRN0089
Name: Type of Baclofen Pump Surgery
Data Type: Alphanumeric Input Restrictions: Single Pre-Defined Value

New baclofen pump: a programmable device that delivers liquid medication around the clock directly to the intrathecal space in the spinal cordReplacement pump: procedure to place a replacement baclofen pumpCatheter revision: positioning of a tube from the surface of the skin to a major veinWound revision: surgery performed to replace or compensate for a failed implant or to correct undesirable sequelae of previous surgery

Permissible Values
Value Description Epic SmartData Element
1 New Baclofen Pump Surgery EPIC#31000057481
2 Replacement Pump EPIC#31000057482
3 Catheter Revision EPIC#31000057483
4 Wound Revision EPIC#31000057484
5 System Removal EPIC#31000057485
Measurement Type:
Population: Adult, Pediatric
Epic SmartData Elements:
Version: 3.1 9/21/2018 0:15