Individuals with cerebral palsy seen at participating CPRN centers. Although people with CP of any age can enroll, both biological parents must also join the study.


Research-grade whole exome sequencing analysis of both parents and their child with CP (DNA is compared between healthy parents and their child to see what genetic changes are associated with CP).


Participating study sites, listed below


Beginning March 30, 2021. We are currently enrolling.


Both parents and their child with CP must sign up for the study using our electronic iConsent app. Once each family gives their consent to join the study, saliva-based DNA sample collection kits will be sent to their home.


Recent Research indicates that as many as one in four individuals may have a genetic cause for their cerebral palsy. Why does this matter? Well, because detection of a genetic cause will prompt a change in clinical care 28% of the time, allowing patients to avoid complications, reach for the best treatments first or even treat their CP in a new way.

Participating Sites

AI duPont Children’s Hospital – contact Nancy Lennon

Children’s Hospital Colorado/University of Colorado – Denver – contact Dr. Joyce Oleszek

Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Phoenix Children’s Hospital – Kruer Lab

Seattle Children’s Hospital – Dr. Bjornson

Principal Investigators: Paul Gross (CP Research Network), Michael Kruer MD (Phoenix), Steve Wisniewski PhD (Pittsburgh)

Co-Investigators: Wade Shrader MD (AI DuPont), Joyce Oleszek MD (Colorado), Laurie Glader MD (Nationwide), Kristie Bjornson, PT PhD (Seattle)

Timeline: 3/2021 – 12/2024 (anticipated)

Contact Information:                                    kruerlab@phoenixchildrens.com