Registry Element: CPRN0739
Name: Treatment Undergone Since Surgical Intervention

Anti-spastic: used to manage spasticity in upper and lower extremities
Intramuscular medication: delivering medication deep into the muscles in order to be absorbed into the bloodstream quickly.
Intrathecal Baclofen: delivering baclofen directly to the target site in the spinal cord to treat spasticity.
Fusion Surgery: surgery to permanently connect two or more vertebrae in the spine

Data Type: Alphanumeric Input Restrictions: Multiple Pre-Defined Values
Permissible Values
Value Description Epic SmartData Element
1 Anti-Spastic Oral Medication
2 Intramuscular Medication
3 Intrathecal Baclofen
4 Fusion Surgery
5 Ortho Other Surgery
6 Other
7 None
Epic SmartData Elements:
Version: 3.1