Registry Element: CPRN0648
Name: Reason for Catheter Revision

CSF Leak: CFS leaks through a defect in the dura or the skull and out through the nose or ear. Pseudomeningocele: an extradural cerebrospinal fluid collection arising from a dural defectOcclusion: blockage

Data Type: Alphanumeric Input Restrictions: Multiple Pre-Defined Values
Permissible Values
Value Description Epic SmartData Element
1 Clinical Withdrawal EPIC#31000057541
2 CSF Leak EPIC#31000057542
3 Pseudomeningocele EPIC#31000057543
4 Broken or Disconnected Catheter EPIC#31000057544
5 Reposition Catheter Tip EPIC#31000057545
6 Suspected Catheter Occlusion EPIC#31000057546
7 Documented Catheter Occlusion EPIC#31000057547
Epic SmartData Elements:
Version: 3.1 9/21/2018 0:15