Registry Element: CPRN0791
Name: Tibial Derotational Osteotomy Locality for Left Side

A twist in the tibia bone of the lower leg bringing the knee and ankle out of alignment. Surgical procedure involving cracking a bone to correct rotation of tibia.
Proximal: closer to the medial portion of the body or point of attachment
Diaphyseal: midsection of the tibia, also known as shaft or body
Distal: further from the medial portion of the body, away from the point of attachment

Data Type: Numeric Input Restrictions: Single Pre-Defined Value
Permissible Values
Value Description Epic SmartData Element
1 Proximal
2 Diaphyseal
3 Distal
Epic SmartData Elements:
Version: 1931.0 9/21/2018 0:15