Dr. Bollo is board-certified in neurosurgery and pediatric neurosurgery. His primary focus is the surgical treatment of seizures in children, and he serves as the surgical director of the pediatric epilepsy program at Primary Children’s Hospital. Dr. Bollo introduced laser ablation and robotic epilepsy surgery including stereo EEG (robotic SEEG) to Utah and the Intermountain West, performed the first robotic surgery at Primary Children’s Hospital, and is committed to identifying the least invasive surgical treatment with the highest possible efficacy for every child suffering from seizures. Dr. Bollo is among the busiest pediatric epilepsy surgeons in country, and is an expert in brain mapping in children, temporal and extra-temporal lobectomy, functional hemispherectomy, laser ablation, and awake craniotomy. He also specializes in the treatment of brain and spinal cord tumors, spasticity including selective dorsal rhizotomy, surgery for fetal anomalies including spina bifida, pediatric spine surgery, and neuroendoscopy.