Peter Turner. A smiling young man with dark hair wearing a navy-blue puffer jacket with a body of water in the background.

I was born with Cerebral Palsy after experiencing a brain injury during birth. I became lodged during the process of birth, due to broad shoulders. Oxygen was cut off for a short time. Doctors used medical equipment to get me dislodged and on my way into the world. I was unresponsive for the first fifteen minutes of life. No doubt, this was an uncertain time for my parents. I experienced one seizure not long after birth, and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy shortly thereafter.

After years with different forms of therapy, I graduated high school. I moved on and attended college and received a degree in psychology. College took longer than the usual four years, in part because I felt unprepared to manage the impact of my CP. It was challenging to know what to expect from being away from home. The transition into college wasn’t the only challenging life transition. Going from elementary school into junior high school also provided unique challenges. I find myself curious if others with cerebral palsy have experienced similar challenges along the way.

Sports have also been one of my major interests. Growing up playing golf was a great way to get exercise. It was also a good way to spend time outside, among friends. Exercise in any form has always been among my interests. The activity levels of our community seem important. As my curiosity extends to the impact regular exercise might have. I’m excited to be part of exploring research to positively impact the lives of our community.