From Anxiety to Impact: Focusing Parental Energy on Advancing Research
Paul Gross, CPRN Founder, explains how CPRN was founded. Mr. Gross received the “Making a Difference” Award from the American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine at their 69th annual meeting in October 2015. He described his experience with the early birth trauma of his son and subsequent journey that led him to co-found the Hydrocephalus Clinical Research Network ( and subsequently the Cerebral Palsy Research Network ( His talk, entitled “From Anxiety to Impact: Focusing Parental Anxiety on Advancing Research,” was recorded and is posted here in full. In this 20 minute speech, Mr. Gross not only describes his prior experience that led him to founding the network but also describes the mission, vision and status of CPRN as of mid October 2015.