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To participate in our surveys, you must be a member of MyCP which you can join for free. After we gather some basic demographics about you or your loved one, we will present you studies that are relevant to you or your loved one. Below is a table of all of our surveys in the MyCP Community Registry and then some charts about the make up of the MyCP community. New studies are added regularly. At this time we only have surveys for people with CP and caregivers. We do not have surveys for the clinical community.

Adult Medical History – General (multiple surveys)  Study Summary

Status: Active  Timeline:

Study Type: Community Registry Survey

Brief Description:

Medical History Background — this form collects basic data that is useful for finding people eligible for future studies and characterizing the community members that participate in the registry.

Inclusion criteria: Any adult in the community registry

Exclusion criteria:

Principal Investigator(s): Paul Gross

Study Contact:

Total MyCP Members: 3674
  • Person/Caregiver: 2850
  • Advocate: 175
  • Provider: 463
  • Researcher: 102
  • Industry: 82

Relationship to person with CP
  • Self: 1364
  • Parent: 1303
  • Spouse/Partner: 16
  • Sibling: 38
  • Caregiver: 48
  • Other Relative: 81