The power of a research network comes from ability to pool the patient data from many centers. During our initial registry definition phase, participation in the network is very broad. The pooled data will be stored at our Data Coordinating Center at the University of Utah in the Department of Health Science Research and Innovation.

Participating Centers in Registry Definition Phase

University Hospital Lead Participants
1 CP Place Dr. Jan Brunstrom, Pediatric Neurology
AI Dupont/Nemours Dr. Freeman Miller, Orthopedic Surgery
Harvard University Boston Children’s Dr. Laurie Glader, Pediatrics

Dr. Shenandoah Robinson, Neurosurgery

Dr. Benjamin Shore, Orthopedic Surgery

University of Alabama Children’s of Alabama Dr. Jerry Oakes, Neurosurgery

Dr. Brandon Rocque, Neurosurgery

University of Cincinnati Cincinnati Children’s Dr. Jilda Vargus-Adams, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Amy Bailes, PhD, Physical Therapy;

Dr. James McCarthy, Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Charles Stevenson, Neurosurgery

University of Colorado Colorado Children’s Hospital Dr. Dennis Matthews, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Columbia University Columbia University Dr. Richard Anderson, Neurosurgery

Dr. David Roye, Orthopedic Surgery

Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare Dr. Tom Novacheck, Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Michael Partington, Neurosurgery

Johns Hopkins University Kennedy Krieger Institute Christopher Joseph, MSPT, Physical Therapy
University of Michigan University of Michigan Medical Center Dr. Ed Hurvitz, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Ohio State University Nationwide Children’s Hospital Dr. Laura Gill, Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Jeffrey Leonard, Neurosurgery

Linda Lowes, PhD, Physical Therapy

Dr. Garey Norvitz, Developmental Pediatrics


Northwestern University Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago Dr. Gadi Revivo, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital Dr. Mauricio Delgado, Neurology
Shriners of Sacremento Anita Bagley, PhD, Motion Analysis

Dr. Jon Davids, Orthopedic Surgery

Shriners of Springfield Mary Gannotti, PhD, Physical Therapy
University of Texas Medical Branch University of Texas Medical Branch – Galveston Dr. David Yngve
University of Toronto SickKids Dr. Unni Narayanan, Orthopedic Surgery
UCLA UCLA Marcia Greenberg, PT

Dr. William Oppenheim, Orthopedic Surgery

UCSD Rady Children’s Hospital Dr. Hank Chambers, Orthopedic Surgery
UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Dr. Amy Viehoever, Neurology

Dr. Yvonne Wu, Neurology

University of Florida Wolfson Children’s Hospital Dr. Philipp Aldana, Neurosurgery

Dr. Aga Lewelt, Physical Medicine and Rehabiliation

University of Utah Primary Children’s Hospital Dr. Robert Bollo, Neurosurgery
University of Washington Seattle Children’s Hospital Kristie Bjornson, PhD, Physical Therapy
University of Virginia University of Virginia Dr. Mark Romness, Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Richard Stevenson, Developmental Pediatrics