Maya’s Dad took off his emotional blinders today

We were helping Maya with her homework last night. It was hard for her and we have to continuously find creative ways of helping her learn and process information in meaningful ways. Many kids struggle with homework and learning so I take it in stride and focus on finding her learning path. But something finally got to her dad in the mix of this and he said to me this morning, “I hate to see her struggle.” “So many things are hard for her.”

It’s rare that Maya’s father takes the emotional blinders off. I am glad he took a few minutes to sit with his feelings and share them with me. We both try to maintain our focus on what Maya CAN do and work toward HER next step. But yes, on occasion our feelings of pain and sadness about how Maya struggles must come out so that we can move past them. Sure, Maya CAN do many things, but she does struggle to accomplish many daily tasks most people take for granted. No matter what types of challenges our children face in life (large and small) parents can’t help but to feel compelled to want to take the struggle and pain away. It’s our instinct isn’t it? Struggling to achieve or overcome obstacles is healthy and a part of moving toward a strong sense of self. Ensuring that a child with a disability has the opportunity to feel successful is the challenge we continue to work on as Maya’s parents.

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