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REDCap Fields

Field Value
Variable / Field Name sdr_worse_6mos
Form Name nsgy_post_op_visit
Section Header
Field Type checkbox
Field Label Signs and Symptoms Worsened 6-Months Post-Operatively
Choices, Calculations,
OR Slider Labels
1, Clonus | 2, Positive Babinski Response | 3, Hyperreflexia | 4, Weakness | 5, Incoordination | 6, Reduced Control of Individual Muscle Groups | 7, Spread of Reflexes to Other Muscle Groups | 8, Change in Bowel or Bladder Function | 9, Other
Field Note
Text Validation Type OR
Show Slider Number
Text Validation Min
Text Validation Max
Identifier? [211]
Branching Logic [surgerytype] = ‘1’
Required Field? [213]
Custom Alignment
Question Number
Matrix Group Name
Matric Ranking?
Field Annotation
CPRN Registry Element CPRN0741