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REDCap Fields

Field Value
Variable / Field Name proc_infec_reduc
Form Name nsgy_bp_surgery
Section Header
Procedure & Post-Op Infection Reduction
Procedure and Post Op refers to steps subsequent to the procedure or operation
Field Type checkbox
Field Label
Procedures Infection Reduction Steps Recorded
Choices, Calculations,
OR Slider Labels
1, Bacitracin Irrigation (minimum of 1 L) | 2, Bacitracin or Betadyne Soak or Wrap Pump in Antiseptic Sponge After Filling | 3, Intrathecal Antibotics (Vanc./Gent./Other) | 4, Antibiotic Sutures | 5, Antibiotic Powder in Wounds (Vanc./Baci.)
Field Note
Text Validation Type OR
Show Slider Number
Text Validation Min
Text Validation Max
Identifier? [211]
Branching Logic
Required Field? [213]
Custom Alignment
Question Number
Matrix Group Name
Matric Ranking?
Field Annotation
CPRN Registry Element CPRN0595