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Registry Elements

Registry Element: CPRN0595
Name: Procedures Infection Reduction Steps Recorded
Data Type: Alphanumeric Input Restrictions: Multiple Pre-Defined Values

Bacitracin Irrigation: antibiotic that prevents infections by stopping the growth of certain bacteria
Intrathecal Antibotics (Vanc./Gent./Other): an injection that goes into the cerebral spinal fluid and administers medicine
Antibiotic Sutures: to protect against surgical site infections
Antibiotic Powder in Wounds: intrawound local anesthetic to prevent infection

Permissible Values

Value Description Epic SmartData Element
1 Bacitracin Irrigation (minimum of 1 L)
2 Bacitracin or Betadyne Soak or Wrap Pump in Antiseptic Sponge After Filling
3 Intrathecal Antibotics (Vanc./Gent./Other)
4 Antibiotic Sutures
5 Antibiotic Powder in Wounds (Vanc./Baci.)
Measurement Type:
Population: Adult, Pediatric
Epic SmartData Elements:
Version: 2.1