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Field Value
CDE ID C53915
CDE Name California Verbal Learning Test Childrens version (CVLT-C) – List A, trial total intrusions count
Variable Name CVLTCListAIntrCt

Total count of intrusions recited by the subject for List A for a given trial (Total I), as part of California Verbal Learning Test Children’s version (CVLT-C).


Record the number of intrusions for each trial. Refer to the California Verbal Learning Test Children’s version (CVLT-C) scoring manual and scoring software for more information.(http://www.pearsonclinical.com/education/products/100000609/california-verbal-learning-testchildrens-version-cvlt-c.html#) and (http://www.helloq.com/overview/the-q-interactive-library/cvlt_c.html). For data submission: this data element should be used along with use with the recall type (CVLTRecallTyp) and trial number (TrialNumber).

Input Restrictions Free-Form Entry
Permissible Values
Question Text For trial 1: let’s pretend you are going shopping on Monday. I ‘m going to read a list of things for your to buy. Listen carefully, because when I am through I want you to tell me as many of the things as you can. You can say them in any order as many of them as you can. Are you ready? Trials 2-5: I’m going to read the Monday shopping list again. Like before, tell me as many of the things as you can, in any order. Be sure to also say things on the list you told me the first time. Also: List A trial 1 Free recall; List A Trial 5 Free recall.
Data Type Numeric Values
Population Pediatric
Measurement Type
Field Size
Minimum Value 0
Maximum Value 15
Domain Outcomes and End Points
SubDomain Memory
CRF Module California Verbal Learning Test – Children (CVLT-C)
Alias Aliases for variable name not defined
Classification Supplemental
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