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Field Value
CDE ID C21479
CDE Name Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test (RAVLT) – Word list type
Variable Name RAVLTWordListTyp

Type of trial as part of Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test (RAVLT)


List A;List B;Other;


Participants are presented with a list of 15 concrete nouns (List A). The list was read aloud in the same order five consecutive times. After each reading, a free-recall test of the words presented was given. Participants were free to say the words as they remembered them. After the fifth reading, participants were presented with a distractor list (List B), with 15 different concrete nouns, followed by a free-recall test from List B. Immediately afterward, delayed recall of List A was tested without repeating the list to the participants. After a 20 minute interval, participants were asked again to recall the words from List A (delayed recall). Finally, the final task was orally presenting to the participants a list of 50 nouns, including those from Lists A and B, and 20 phonologically or semantically similar words to Lists A and B. The participants needed to identify and recognize the words that were part of List A.

Input Restrictions Single Pre-Defined Value Selected
Permissible Values

List A;List B;Other;

Question Text List type
Data Type Alphanumeric
Population Adult, Pediatric
Measurement Type
Field Size
Minimum Value
Maximum Value
Domain Outcomes and End Points
SubDomain Memory
CRF Module Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test (RAVLT)
Alias Aliases for variable name not defined
Classification Supplemental
Previous Title

Schmidt M. Rey Auditory and Verbal Learning Test: A Handbook. Los Angeles: Western Psychological Services, 1996.

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