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Field Value
CDE ID C11966
CDE Name Tardieu Scale muscle reaction angle measurement
Variable Name TardieuScaleMuscReactAngMeasr

The degree of angle for limb position at which muscle reaction or spasticity occurs for a given velocity administered during the Tardieu Scale assessment to measure the reaction of muscles of a tested limb in a participant/subject.


Measurements take place at 3 velocities (V1, V2, and V3). Responses are recorded at each velocity as X/Y, with X indicating the 0 to 5 rating, and Y indicating the degree of angle at which the muscle reaction occurs.

Input Restrictions Free-Form Entry
Permissible Values
Question Text Y (Degree of angle at which muscle reaction occurs)
Data Type Numeric Values
Population Adult, Pediatric
Measurement Type degree of arc
Field Size
Minimum Value 0
Maximum Value 180
Domain Outcomes and End Points
SubDomain Spasticity/Movement
CRF Module Tardieu Scale
Alias Aliases for variable name not defined
Classification Exploratory
Previous Title Tardieu Scale Q3

Key Reference:
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Other References:
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