Registry Element

_CPRN Registry Element
Identifier for the Registry Element (automatically generated)
Name of the Registry Element in a readable format, i.e. in English
The name of the Registry Element used in XML, JSON, etc.Only lowercase letters, and underscore allowed. Minimum of three characters. Cannot start or end with an underscore.
A brief definition/description of what the Registry Element is/means
A list of permissible values. Each value is separated by a vertical bar. When codes are used for the values they would be entered as code=value. E.g. “M,Male|F,Female|NP,Not provided”
The description for each permissible value, separated by semicolons.
Any instructions for providing the values. E.g. date formatting.
Data type for the Registry Element. E.g. Alphanumeric, Numeric, Date, Date & Time, Boolean
Unit of measure (if applicable), e.g. centimeter, beats per minute, degree Celsius
The maximum length for Free-Form values
Minimum value (if any) for a numeric Registry Element
Maximum value (if any) for a numeric Registry Element
Does the Registry Element apply to Adult, Pediatric or both populations